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Teeth Whitening

Do you have a smile that is not quite where you want it to be?  Are you self conscious about revealing your teeth or press your lips together for photos?  Often, people with stained or discolored teeth reap huge benefits from a simple whitening procedure.


Our whitening clients average a color change of five to seven shades brighter than their original color, and can see up to twelve shades brighter. (We can also focus on a single tooth that may be darker than the others.) Whitening is safe and works best for people whose teeth are darkened due to age, coffee and tea stains or smoking.


In a few cases, bleaching may not be the best option. People with serious discoloration or pitted teeth are best served with veneers. Teeth that appear yellow, brown or orange respond better to a lightening treatment. Also, crowns, bridges and fillings don’t bleach, so it may be necessary to replace some dental work so that it blends in with your new whiter smile.


Come in and have your teeth evaluated by Dr. Rinehart. We can do a complimentary assessment, and discuss all the best options with you. We want you to enjoy the benefits of a bright, healthy smile. Call us to make an appointment today. 828-277-6868

Summit Dental offers teeth whitening for adults of all ages.
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